A Quick update to the FIL Community

Hey Everyone! Welcome back, I am excited to be writing a new blog post and working on the website again and connecting with you all. I have really missed working on the site and delivering truthful, real, new, AND exciting content. It has been a little over a month since I created my last post, which was… Read More »

FILE 3 – Insatiable Desires

  NOTE: If you do NOT see the podcast player come up (just above this text), then click here to listen. Hey there and welcome to episode 3 of the Fulfillment in Life Podcast Show! In today’s session, I discuss our natural human insatiable desires that we have and how to quench the constant thirsting… Read More »

FILE 1: Welcome to the Fulfillment in Life Podcast!

  Welcome to The Fulfillment in Life Podcast Show! This very first episode marks the official premiere launch of the show. In this opening session of the Fulfillment in Life Podcast show, I am going to blow the doors open and share my testimony/story with you in order to get real about life. From this… Read More »

5 Reasons-Part Two

Note: if you are reading this and feel lost, then make sure you start with part one of this blog post 🙂 4. There has been so much healing & redemption in my family divorce dynamic God has brought so much healing and redemption among my entire direct family and I am so grateful for it… Read More »

5 Reasons I’m Happier Today Than Ever Before

5 Reasons I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in life So by this point you should have read all my prior posts and had the chance to get to know my story. If you haven’t yet, then this post may not make sense to you…in that case I suggest you check out the home page and… Read More »